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Cordilleras House Covid Secure Policy

  • We have carried out a risk assessment and reviewed the way we do everything. We have written detailed cleaning schedules and looked at how we operate, changing everything we need to ensure we will operate in a Covid Secure manner. We will review these periodically and whenever government guidance changes.
  • Our aim will be to reduce contact, wherever possible, between different groups of guests staying at the same time, by agreeing time slots for use of the dining room for breakfast and evening takeaway meals. In order to comply with 1 metre distancing rules, no more than 2 couples will be able to use the dining room simultaneously.
  • Immediately on your arrival, we will take you to your room and ask you to wash your hands before you do anything else.
  • We will serve your welcome drink and cake to you either in the garden or bring it to your room, depending on the weather and your preference.
  • We will provide alcohol hand rub in each guest bedroom and in the dining room., and antiseptic wipes in the bedrooms.
  • The bedrooms will only contain items essential to your stay (no ornaments or magazines).
  • Strict, evidence-based cleaning protocols will be followed in the guest bedrooms, dining room, kitchen, and shared areas, such as the stairs and landings.
  • For stays of 3 days or less, we will not come into the bedroom to service it daily; we will ask you to leave dirty crockery and rubbish on a tray, outside your bedroom door each morning for us to remove and replace.
  • All food and drinks will be served in individual portions, to reduce risk of cross-contamination between guests.
  • All pillows and mattresses are covered by protectors. These will be changed between every guest, to ensure the highest possible level of cleanliness in the bedrooms. Our linen is hired from a local company who have established protocols to ensure the bed linen will not present any infection risk.
  • In order to reduce our possible repeated exposure to cross-infection, we are asking you to help us out by stripping your bedding off the bed (duvet cover, pillowcases and bottom sheet) immediately before you check out, and leave them folded on the bed.
  • Richmond has a good, varied range of restaurants which are open for  takeaways in the evening, and cafes which are open during the day.  We will obtain menus for those restaurants serving takeaways so that you can easily make your choices. We will also endeavour to gather information about which restaurants have re-opened for table service and provide their contact details. If you would like us to book a table for you, please get in touch before your stay and we will try to do that for you.
  • We will arrange with you and other guests as to who will have access to the dining room at what time, so that you can eat your takeaway in comfort. Please note that we do not permit the eating of takeaways in bedrooms.

We normally require a 50% deposit to secure your booking, but this is currently suspended.  Go ahead and make your booking and we will confirm the reservation but will not take any payment.  If your stay goes ahead, the full payment will be due during your stay.

We reserve the right to refuse to accept any guest who is unwell and ask that you inform us and cancel your stay.  Equally, if you begin to feel unwell during your stay, please let us know and we will politely ask you to immediately go home. 

Please give us a ring on 01748 824628 and we will hopefully be able to answer your questions.

View our Risk Assessment.